The Next Stop Is “Fruitvale Station.”

Zero Tolerance For Silence

There are two groups who need to see Fruitvale Station.  The first are young Black men.   The second are the mothers and fathers of young Black men.   Then everybody else.

This has been a summer full of superheroes, special effects and stuff blowing up and that’s okay.  This is what we expect a summer movie to be.   Nothing too heavy, nothing that asks much of the viewer.   It’s like eating a bowl of ice cream.  Refreshing, tastes good and 30 minutes later you’ve forgotten all about.   I’ve seen my share of movies this summer.  Some good and some okay, but nothing memorable.   I saw The Wolverine on a Sunday and Fruitvale Station on a Monday and only one left an impression and it wasn’t the one with Hugh Jackman’s ripped torso.

I have nothing against non-think entertainment, but a steady diet of it is as…

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